Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Yamaha dirt bikes have always been recognized for their innovative features and self-beating advancements. Various models of these bikes have been launched to date that can be purchased either in the new condition or as a second hand. Those interested in buying these used Yamaha dirt bikes should, however, bear a few facts in mind to have a good quality bike and proper value for their money.

The Sport of Youth

Dirt biking and other adventure sports have become synonymous with youth these days. Young boys and girls alike are commonly found looking for dirt bikes that can cater to this adventurous hobby of theirs. Among the various brands that provide dirt bikes and other equipment for this sport, Yamaha carries a vital place. A broad range of Yamaha dirt bikes can be found in the market. These bikes are designed specifically for the needs and requirements of the sport. Yamaha Dirt Bikes have shown an unbeatable performance on the rough terrains and have thus, secured a safe place in the preference list of dirt bikers across the globe.

History of Yamaha Dirt Bikes

The history of Yamaha dirt bikes goes back to the 19th century. In the year 1888, Torakusu Yamaha founded the Nippon Gakki Company. The company initially produced musical instruments and bikes were nowhere to be found. Not until the Second World War ended, it was thought to change the field of production for the company. The plan was to make use of a production line and tooling that had been used earlier to manufacture aircraft propellers. This is considered as the first step towards the creation of the present day Yamaha dirt bikes.

The First Yamaha Bike

After having utilized the already contained technology, the company designed the first motorbike and then separated from its maiden company, Nippon Gakki to be known as the Yamaha Motor Company. The design of the first bike created by the company came alive in 1954, in the form of the YA1. However, this was still not a dirt bike but was a step taken towards it. Before the creation of the first Yamaha dirt bike, the company came up with the Autolube system which mixed the fuel and lube system for attaining two strokes. This innovation was utilized in its legendary Yamaha DT1 model. DT1 was the first two-stroke dirt bike created by Yamaha that hit the roads.

Innovation Continues

The sport of biking was completely revolutionized by this bike entering the world scenario. However, the journey of innovation on the part of Yamaha didn’t cease here. In 1975, the company launched the YZ250. The YZ250 was the first dirt bike to have a single shock rear end. The change was greeted wholeheartedly by the dirt biking enthusiasts as it provided them with all the features that they desired to have from dirt bikes. YZ250 was a revolutionary step in itself, but in the year 1998, the company beat itself by introducing the YZ400F. YZ400F Yamaha dirt bike came as the first four-stroke dirt bike to hit the global roads. This innovation in Yamaha dirt bikes came as an inspiration for many other dirt bike manufacturers who came up with their versions of four-stroke dirt bikes.

New Developments Keep Coming

In the recent years, Yamaha dirt bikes have shown many new developments in the form of the YZ450F, YZ250F, and YZ85 models. The company has continued the tradition of beating its self with its technological innovations and has thus created various options for dirt biking enthusiasts through these bikes. The expanding range of the sport has also been considered by the company as it has even stepped in to create Yamaha dirt bikes for kids that have features which give the young dirt bikers an opportunity to make the most out of their dirt biking interests.